So you have finally decided that you require a cordless impact wrench. The right impact is a good addition to anyone’s toolbox, while the wrong one could make the purchase useless. A bad one could be either something which is far too overpowered for what you need it for (so long as you have variable torque this isn’t too bad, but at the minimum it’ll be heavier and bulkier than necessary), or underpowered (this is much worse, as it nearly makes the tool useless). This post I’ll be covering what to look for in a battery. Just how much power you require, things to look for in a charger, and what type of battery you will need.

The most important element of an effect wrench is power. The whole reason for an impact would be to loosen those tough-to-get-off nuts and bolts, and if you don’t have adequate power, you’re essentially left with an over-sized air ratchet. With cordless tools the power comes from battery, and also the key spec is volts. Overall volts are the electric measurement for power. But more volts isn’t always better… but it does mean bigger (in case your comparing two of the identical varieties of batteries), therefore if you’re concerned about how big your cordless impact, you may want to choose a battery with less volts.

How many times are you using your impact? As well as for how much time? Have you been what type that remembers to maintain the batteries charged? Using a charger that quickly charges your batteries can be quite important for some people. Some high end cordless impacts have chargers that’ll perhaps you have ready to go in fifteen minutes, while older chargers will often occupy to 3 hours to get a single battery. If you’re likely to be using your impacts for longer periods, or maybe you’re often on tight deadlines and can’t afford to wait around for your batteries to charge, how rapidly cordless ratchets 2019 will charge is a crucial consideration.

Finally, what sort of battery is the ideal? Nickel based batteries are the older style, are cheaper, but heavier and bulkier. NiMH specifically will lose its charge quickly in the cold. Lithium Ion batteries have a higher energy density than nickel based batteries, therefore you can have a similar level of power in a smaller package (or alternatively you can have more power in the same sized package). However Li-Ion batteries are the highest priced. Chances are that if you pick an increased end cordless impact (which I urge you are doing to, the cheap ones just aren’t worth it), it’ll include Li-Ion batteries, and this probably won’t affect which impact you purchase, but in case you are considering older impacts, the difference between the batteries is important to know.

If you’re purchasing a new cordless impact wrench, remember exactly how much power it’s got (and just how many volts the battery is), what to look for in a charger, and just what the difference is in between the different types of batteries.

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